Best football clubs in the world

Welcome to the FIFA world cup fans.com, In this article, I will let you know about the Best football clubs in the world.

1.Barcelona (Spain)

Best football clubs in the world

Futbol Club Barcelona, also known as Barcelona and familiarly as Barça, is a professional football club, based in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. FC Barcelona stands on top of the list of top ten best football clubs in the world

I think this is one of the best clubs in the world. And I must say this is the first time I’ve heard of Persib Bandung.

My friend, you can find all about PERSIB! Trust me! Just come to Bandung Indonesia the place where PERSIB was born.

Barcelona are the best they have players like Messi, villa, Xavi, Iniesta, Puyol, Pique, Fabregas and they have won so many trophies over the past three years the list is:

3 La Liga titles in a row
1 copy the grey
3 Supercopa de Espana
2 champions league
1 UEFA super cup
1 world club cup
And this is only the three past three seasons
And In 2009, Barcelona became the first club in Spain to win the treble consisting of La Liga, Copa del Rey, and the Champions League.

That same year, it also became the first football club ever to win six out of six competitions in a single year, thus completing the sextuple, comprising the aforementioned treble and the Spanish Super Cup,

UEFA Super Cup and FIFA Club World Cup. So don’t be ignorant and vote for FC Barcelona as the best club in the world.

Barca is 10 times better than any English club. After all, they play football. Not golf…

I’m a Persib Fan, called Bobotoh. Persib is a football club from the city of Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

It has one of the greatest and loyal fans in Indonesia. And I’m a Barcelona Fans too.

If the question is the best football club in my heart, I will answer Persib. But as the question is the best football club in the world, so I Voted for Barcelona.

I think I don’t have to explain why everybody knows why Barca is the best.

2.Real Madrid (Spain)

Best football clubs in the world

Real Madrid Club de Fútbol, commonly known as Real Madrid, or simply as Real, is a professional football club based in Madrid, Spain.

Real Madrid is the best club in the world. 6th place is not fair. I didn’t even hear the named person before.

It should be at 1st it has glorious past present and future. It has beaten Barcelona and the greatest team in the world.

And it has Ronaldo, Kaka and many more

Real Madrid has some of the best players from around the world like Ronaldo, James, bale, and much more. This team is a 5-star team.

This club has won many different competitions and is still fighting to get even more wins.
During 2014 Real Madrid has won 22 straight wins between playing in La Liga, champions league,

and all of the other big tournaments along with all of the other top clubs and will get the new world record for the most consecutive win in any football leagues.

The record is 24 and they can obsoletely get there.

It can only be compared with its own previous performances to state whether it is now best or not.

But with other clubs it seems to be the everlasting giant because even when it reaches semi final cl or runnerup in La Liga you still say the did not perform well another way around these are the highest performance of the other clubs you want to compare with Real because in your mind you recognize it to be the best and therefore you want Real to win them all as it is the best!

3.Manchester United

Manchester United Football Club is an expert football club situated in Old Trafford, Greater Manchester, England, \

that contends in the Premier League, the top trip of English football.

A noteworthy team knew everywhere throughout the world.

The vast majority can name more joined players than they can inaccessible relatives.

With the ebb and flow period under Sir Alex being consistently ceaseless they reserve each privilege to guarantee themselves the best football team on the planet.

No other club is detested by all enthusiasts of all teams outside of it.

Man Utd is the best football club in the entire world making a decision from their exhibition so far in England and abroad.

With 19 titles amazingly I think they justified, despite all the trouble.


Nobody else looks at

Since the beginning, Man United has been the top English football club on the planet with a nearby second of Arsenal or Chelsea.

A football club with a monstrous history.

From the good ‘ol days which yielded accomplishment to the first of 2 administrative traditions, the first being that of Sir Matt Busby.

He supported through a youthful team of potential world mixers who most of which were shockingly slaughtered in an air calamity in 1958.

4.Bayern Munich

Best football clubs in the world

Football-Club Bayern München e.V., ordinarily known as FC Bayern München, FCB, Bayern Munich, or FC Bayern, is a German games club situated in Munich, Bavaria

It’s the best team ever and they have the best players with Robben, Ribery, Schweinsteiger, müller, Lahm and Gomez

Best team of Germany ever. Best Scorer in European Cups ever (Gerd Mueller). Extraordinary team, incredible arena, incredible supporters.

Number 11 is amusing.. The merit top 3 preceding genuine and barca state no more.

Basically in light of the fact that Bayern Munich performs astounding each year! They are quite often in the final, they’ve won approach to numerous Bundesliga titles and have 4 champions association titles as well!

Remember the measure of Deutscher pokals they have!. Underestimated estimation is all that this rating is.+109

Execution-based, the best team consistently. They have truly manufactured extraordinary squads before.

They’re not experiencing the best of stages at the present time, yet they are still appropriate close to the top,

which demonstrates how great they can be the point at which they’re large and in charge! – submerged by

5.Chelsea (England)

Best football clubs in the world

Chelsea Football Club is an expert football club in London, England, that contends in the Premier League. chelsea stands on no. 5 in the list of top ten Best football clubs in the world.

Established in 1905, the club’s home ground from that point forward has been Stamford Bridge.

Chelsea won the First Division title in 1955, trailed by different glass rivalries somewhere in the range of 1965 and 1971.

Blues are a relentless team and what’s with the initial 4 decisions roar with laughter individuals putting and voting in favor of teams I’ve never heard

Indeed, even with for all intents and purposes boundless measures of cash tossed at them; this club is simply slumping – tinocean+2

Chelsea is an ideal and quickest developing brand in world football. Chelsea is relentless and have two best strikers in Torres and Drogba.

No chance! For what reason is Chelsea seventh? They are not the best ones but rather I simply don’t know first football (soccer) team.

David Luiz is the best safeguard on the planet.


Best football clubs in the world

Munitions stockpile Football Club is an expert football club situated in Islington, London, England, that plays in the Premier League, the top trip of English football. Arsenal is on number 6 in the list of top ten Best football clubs in the world.

Arms stockpile are the appropriate response on the off chance that you ask “what teams can have the effect for the player or even the fans to look the football match-up”

Regardless of what you look like at it, Arsenal will dependably be in the shadow of Manchester United as far as execution and ubiquity. – sea

Munitions stockpile is by a long shot the best football club ever… My blood seeps for armory until the end of time… Till I kick the bucket I’ll shout for Arsenal as uproarious as I can…

Eat Sleep live Arsenal football club! We are the best! Please Arteta! No love lost Fabergas and Nari you misfortune

World Class Club

7. Juventus

Best football clubs in the world

Juventus Football Club S.p.A., conversationally known as Juve, is an expert Italian football club in Turin, Piedmont.

Juve Always in My Heart And My spirit

Forza Juve Until Die,

Forza Juve! Juventus Per Sempre!

I’m pleased to be juventini.. I cherish JUVENTUS..



Powerful Juventus! Scudetto with unbeaten for entire season, with top legend like Platini and del Piero.. No more words to state, just Forza Bianconeri!

Juventus ought to be at the highest priority on the rundown simply because of Ronaldo

8.Liverpool (England)

Best football clubs in the world

Straightforward… Simply the soul of the club and fans makes me generally need to help them,

regardless of whether they far away and we from Indonesia simply watch the match on T.V. Yet, our soul we’ll generally stroll with them.

You Never Walk Alone!

Welcome from Indonesia

Liverpool’s soul scents of annihilation. The players truly appear to be frightened for their life at whatever point they need to perform against one of the monsters. – tinocean

The measure of titles they won demonstrate their strength in football and they are a gifted club in history.

“You’ll Never Walk Alone” is the melody, and they don’t.

At the point when do you ever observe a half-unfilled Anfield or a hopeless away pursuing going far and wide – never, not presently,

not previously, not ever. Additionally, take a gander at their history.

Some time ago when cash wasn’t the most important thing in the world in football, look who was the best team in England – the country of football. Liverpool Football Club.

9.AC Milan

Best football clubs in the world

Milan has won a larger number of trophies than some other football team on the planet. Ought to be number 1. They stand on number 9 in the list of top ten Best football clubs in the world.

Air conditioning Milan has all the best players and pretty much every soccer player longs for going along with its initial one is kaka second Nasri third Tevez fourth Cristiano Ronaldo,

just if Jose mironiouh would come to air conditioning Milan which he will in the event that he needs to win the title.

Milan is a standout amongst the best clubs on the planet with 6 UEFA Champions association titles,

making it the second best in Europe as far as UEFA Champions trophies and 18 Serie A titles making them the second-best club in Italy. Over this, they,

among different clubs like Barcelona and Manchester United, are outstanding in creating soccer countries like the United States.

The most universally improved football club on the planet, Milan’s is without uncertainty the best.

Its 1989 team was cast a ballot the best club side to ever play the amusement by a survey of specialists directed by World Soccer magazine.

It has had loads of the world’s greatest football legends play for it, including Van Basten, Rijkaard, Altafini, Weah, Baresi, Maldini, Baggio, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Kaka, Crespo, Inzaghi, Ibrahimovic, Nesta, Pirlo, and numerous others.

10.Manchester City

Best football clubs in the world

Manchester City Football Club is on number ten in the list of top ten Best football clubs. ordinarily known as City, is a football club in Manchester, England. Established in 1880 as St.

Mark’s, it moved toward becoming Ardwick Association Football Club in 1887 and Manchester City in 1894.

Hello, are presently top of the chief group they beat Manchester joined which are truly great they likewise beat heaps of other truly great teams.

That is the reason they are at the highest point of the head group right now.,

Let’s be honest Manchester United lost its brilliant status around 15 years prior. – tinocean+7

Liveliness is the best! A case of how you manufacture a team!new

They Are So goodnew .

They are the best.

Here I described the top ten Best football clubs in the world. I hope you will like this article

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