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Lionel Messi, his joke to Sergio Agüero

It all started in a particular way in 2005. Sergio Aguero didn’t know who the youngster who had just joined the youth team was and decided to challenge him in front of everyone. Lionel Messi responded shyly and began a friendship that has spanned the years to the present.

The “Pulga” and the “Kun”

Are as is customary, roommates in the concentration of the Argentine national team and the good vibe between them is unbreakable. The best example? The joke that the captain shared in his social networks during the last hour.

“Taking mates with my roommate”, wrote the man from Barcelona in his Instagram account to graph a photo from the intimacy of that relationship. I read with a mate in his hand, while the leader of Manchester City is deeply asleep in his bed.

The Argentine team was installed a few days ago in the Novotel Hangar Airport in Salvador de Bahia, city that will host the opening match of the Albiceleste team in the Copa America. It will be next Saturday June 15 from 19 against Colombia in the opening of Group B.

In the concentration Messi and Agüero share the room, something that is already habitual. They are two of the most experienced of this new squad, bearing in mind that there are also Nicolas Otamendi and Angel Di Maria of the old guard.

Hours later, the 31-year-old forward replied to the post: “The alarm clock didn’t ring! Neymar – “Q hdp”, the Brazilian signed- and Maximiliano Rodríguez also added their answers: “With me, Leo woke up early”.


Lionel Messi uploaded a photo from the room
Lionel Messi uploaded a photo from the room

Leo and the “Kun” shared the piece for the first time during the 2005 U-20 World Youth Championship. “I didn’t know who he was. We were eating at Ezeiza’s place. He was on my right and we were talking about slippers with Garay and Formica. Leo says something about the United States. I thought who this is. I watched football, but from Argentina, not Europe. And I said to Leo: ‘What’s your name? Leo remembers and laughs. Lionel’ answers me. And I ask him about his surname. Messi’, he answers me. Don’t you know who he is? I knew from the news that there was a good one from Barcelona and I said it’s him. Afterwards, I saw him train and I realised how good he was and they put us in the room in that World Cup”, confessed the man from Independiente during an interview with the channel DirecTV some years ago.

During the preparation of the 2018 World Cup in Russia, the captain of the national team gave some details of his relationship with Agüero in the concentrations: “Now I handle the remote control because it is soaked with some games he has on the phone and does not give much ball in the piece.

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